What we Provide?

Mental Health Disorders are no longer a disgrace. On occasion, we may, as individuals need greater support in terms of behavioral health.

what we provide our services

Mental health illnesses can be very challenging for patients and their families to cope with. There is still a lack of support for families confronted with these issues. Very often there is fear and confusion about what to do next and who to turn to for help. We offer this help at Healthy MINDS Forever! Patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation for assessment of the diagnosis and a timeline is constructed for the treatment which will include medications, tests and different forms of Psychotherapy.

Our Specialties

Using Opioid Dependence Treatmen instead of detoxification, because of its superior outcomes.

With Priority given to the treatment of addicted pregnant women, IV drug users, and women with dependent children.

Mood disorders, with complete psychiatric assessments, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy techniques for bipolar disorder and depression.

Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder etcThese neuropsychological disorders are treated with integrated medication and psychotherapy, all under extreme care and constant expert supervision.

Attention Deficit disorders treatment for adults with ADD, ADHD, and learning or memory disorders begins with a careful evaluation, which is followed by treatment, support and management.


Dr. Sabharwal is a firm believer that patients with mental illness deserve the care and support that they need to be the most successful that they can be. She believes that they deserve happiness and the same opportunities that those who are not dealing with mental health issues have. She understands that making the appointment to start getting the help is the first step to healing and she encourages anyone who is battling mental illnesses to take that step.

We don’t just help you feel better, we help you LIVE BETTER!